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WebappAccessibilityRealtime Speech-To-Text
Having served 100,000+ people to date, TigerChat is a webapp I developed while working for the NTID Center on Access Technology. The app helps the Rochester Institute of Technology community, which has a large population of deaf and hard-of-hearing people, eliminate communication barriers by enabling users to converse with another person or group using automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology and typing. This software is also frequently used for transcribing meetings and group activities. The application bridges the communication gap between deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing individuals daily.
Technologies used: React, TypeScript, Node.js, Gatsby, Google Firebase, Google Cloud, Netlify, Azure Speech-To-Text API, Google Geolocation API

React Social Media Embed

npm PackageSocial MediaReact
If you've seen a social media post embedded in a React application, there's a good chance this library is powering it. Now with over 100,000 monthly downloads and counting, this package allows developers to easily embed social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, X (Twitter), and YouTube in React. Prior to the creation of this library, there was no all-in-one solution for embedding social media posts—and now over 1,000 GitHub projects are using this package.
Technologies used: React, TypeScript, Storybook, Node.js, npm, GitHub Pages, multiple embedding APIs

React-Bootstrap Snippets

Development ToolVS Code ExtensionSnippets
I created a VS Code extension with a collection of over 800 React-Bootstrap snippets, and it now has over 20,000 installs in VS Code. React-Bootstrap is arguably the most popular component library for React, and this extension assists developers in building applications by providing instant access to snippets for all React-Bootstrap components. It includes import statements, example code snippets from the documentation, and even Bootstrap utility CSS classes. With this, developers can use VS Code's autocomplete feature to effortlessly input the React-Bootstrap code they need, saving a ton of time. I was scratching my own itch when building this, but many other developers find it useful!
Technologies used: Bootstrap, React, VS Code Snippets, Visual Studio Marketplace, GitHub

The Stoic Devotional

WebappPassion ProjectPhilosophy
The Stoic Devotional is website that offers daily wisdom from three ancient Greek and Roman Stoic philosophers: Epictetus, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius. This was a 4-year passion project of mine, and it's designed for individuals seeking to enrich their lives through the practice of Stoicism. Quotes were curated via the Goodreads community, analyses were generated via the OpenAI API, and the narration was generated via ElevenLabs AI.
Technologies used: React, TypeScript, Node.js, Gatsby, Netlify, Goodreads, Photoshop, OpenAI API, ElevenLabs AI

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