Hey, I'm Justin! 👋

I'm Justin, a full stack software engineer from Upstate NY with a passion for designing and building cutting-edge, cost-effective web applications.

I specialize in serverless and composable architectures that leverage APIs, BaaS, and PaaS services. My expertise in these web technologies allows me to rapidly develop robust, scalable, and secure applications that are responsive, cross-browser compatible, and visually appealing—all with ultra-low cost and overhead.

Full Stack

I'm a full stack developer. My main area of expertise is in building frontends and integrating APIs, but I have worked building backends and mobile applications as well.

Tech Lead

I've helped manage teams as a technical individual contributor, both in-person and remotely.

Software Architect

I architect composable systems with a strong separation of concerns. My goal is to build and connect reusable, maintainable components, while keeping costs and overhead low.
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